Tobacco business should not be inadequate supply

different operators will have different attitudes towards the same thing. For example, the current retail stores will operate cigarette retail customers, some very bold, resulting in too much inventory, and some retail customers is overcautious, lead to insufficient inventory. No matter what kind of, in fact, are not allowed to operate retail business phenomenon.

shop is a fine to engage in business or work. Most of the time, because we are careless or negligence, it is easy to cause the supply of merchandise. In fact, the shop to engage in business, to be done in the chest, in order to have the hands of food, not panic". Cigarette because of its more funds, many of our retail customers in the process of ordering cigarettes, is basically set less, high frequency. Once encountered special circumstances, suffer suffer or their own.

to do a good job in the cigarette business, first of all to shun pin brand to brand recognition in the market, Shun sales rate is high, no worries about the market, catch the opportunity to the availability of supply, rather than have, let chance wasted, maybe this is the tobacco companies open supply, and the next release period is a no, you to still follow the old rules, lose the opportunity, it is too late; and for those market acceptance is not high, but the cigarette brand sales usually also careless, don’t bother to large reserves, because of this kind of source is stable, the amount of each order is enough, as long as enough of a sales cycle on the line.

why is the same business, some shops will not appear out of stock phenomenon? Although many factors, however, in many cases, caused by the supply interrupted almost all our lack of preparation by the branch. To improve the cigarette business, avoid cramming, but to seize the opportunity to supply and availability. In particular, the peak of cigarette sales, to plan in advance, as early as possible to prevent accidents.

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