How to join the gang Kong Kung Fu pot Aberdeen

for public investors, the food industry is still worthy of attention. Want to do fast food business, choose a good future prospects. How to join the gang Kong Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen project? If you know a little about the brand, you will know that it has an investment advantage.

2, the application for cooperation: fill in the post Kong Kung Fu Kung Fu Aberdeen cooperation application to confirm the post Gang Xiang Kung Kung Zi to join the relevant matters;

3, field trips: to the gang Kong Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen field visits to the project, with the gang Kong Kung Fu pot to join the headquarters staff to face to face exchanges.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: Gang Kong Kung Fu pot partners according to the selected cooperation level, pay related costs, confirm the right to operate the region;

6, skills training: partners to accept the post Gang Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen technology, management, operation and other aspects of training, and accept the assessment;

7, store decoration: Gang Kong Kung Fu Tsai Tsai headquarters to assist the business to confirm the business district and site selection, as well as the gang Kong Kung Fu pot shop decoration and layout;

8, opening preparation: collect bar incense pot Kung Fu Gang authorization, business gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start

;How to join

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