White collar specialty stores can earn 1 million a week

is not to travel or travel, most of the time we will buy some local specialty, to commemorate this time travel, but also to those who open specialty shop business people earn a lot, if you want to succeed but not what shop experience, can see how others shop together, then see.

second strokes, the original also every day promotion promotion


is special discount, do a membership card offers, are now engaged in daily category promotions, such as Sichuan Jianmen Pass chicken chicken, after only 38 blocks. So, attract many community residents to panic buying ah, a strong sell this will keep the chicken, but to store other daily category sales.

1000 to send 200, but also to enjoy the special offer every day, every day is special offer quantity is limited, such as the 38 member priority, the Jianmen Pass today Luzhu chicken, perhaps only 198 members, first can first get phone order! This move to the basic needs of all the members of the family gifts, because you have money in my store, you have to give gifts that is impossible to recommend

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