Shanghai grassroots let the public entrepreneurship is not scattered public entrepreneurship

now is a popular social innovation and the pioneering era, in many places are actively promoting a business trend that, in our country the economic center of Shanghai is now in such a positive trend of entrepreneurship.

in the public venture, the highly innovative era atmosphere, all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship "seeds" will spread everywhere. It is also necessary for them to have a certain freedom to grow, even "barbaric growth" space. However, if in the long term, lacking spirit of cooperation "situation, the internal vitality will be affected. In the construction of Shanghai Branch Center influential global strategy, the northwest of Jiading is the main bearing area. The local raised a new idea: the deployment of innovative chain around the industrial chain, so that innovation and entrepreneurship chain scattered rather than chaos, poly and immortality".

now, thinking about public entrepreneurship, is more and more thorough. Shanghai in Jiading is the focus of exploration of the industry + entrepreneurship model, focusing on integrated circuits and networking, new energy vehicles and automotive intelligent, high-performance medical equipment and precision medical, intelligent manufacturing recommend

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