Taobao purchase channels which small series secret

is now a lot of young people have the habit of shopping Taobao shopping, at the same time, Taobao’s business and profit is also relatively good, Taobao purchase channels which Taobao lower cost is an important factor in making money. Mastered the supply of cheap and fine, the key to grasp the e-commerce business.

to selling products as an example, some well-known brands are unified price, the lowest in the general shop on the ground can only sell 15% off, while the Internet can be sold for seven to twenty percent off. On the Internet, the prices of goods are two to thirty percent off of the mall.

1, Taobao purchase channels which commodity wholesale market purchase. This is the most common purchase channels, you can go around some large commodity wholesale market in the wholesale market to purchase stock, need to have a strong bargaining power, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods issue and wholesalers to say clearly, so as to avoid the day after dispute.

2, Taobao purchase channels which commodity manufacturers direct purchase: regular manufacturers adequate supply, high credit, if long-term cooperation, then, generally can get the product exchange. But generally speaking, the higher the volume of commodity manufacturers, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough funds to reserve, there is a distribution channel, and there will be no danger or fear of cargo pressure, then you can go to the manufacturers to purchase goods.

3, Taobao purchase channels which wholesalers purchase: the general use of search engines GOOGLE, Baidu, etc. can find a lot of these goods trade wholesalers. They are generally supplied directly by commodity manufacturers, the supply is more stable. The problem is that because they have bigger, more orders, the service is sometimes difficult to keep up with. And they all have their own regular customers, it is difficult for them to talk about conditions, unless you become their major customers, there may be discounts and other concessions. In the beginning of the cooperation should be the delivery time, exchange goods and other issues clearly.

4, Taobao purchase what channel? Purchased products or OEM: foreign trade outside the current surplus products in foreign trade orders outside of many goods factory or some well-known clothing brand OEM production will have some surplus products, the price is usually very low, usually the market price of 2-3 fold, the absolute guarantee of quality work, this is a good purchase channels. But the general requirements of all those who eat into, so entrepreneurs have economic strength.

5, Taobao purchase what channel? If you are overseas friends and relatives in Hongkong or, can they help to some of the domestic market can not see the goods or the higher prices of goods; if you work and live in the border, you can do a pass, personally go out of stock this is very distinctive, or is the price advantage.

now start the Taobao shop, the purchase is a very important link, if you have a good supply, so you set up shop in the entire Taobao has prevailed, because Tao Jian

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