Weifang by the opening of individual housing for innovation and entrepreneurship will receive subsid

purchase for innovation and entrepreneurship can also get subsidies? Does that sound a little weird? However, in order to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, Weifang City, the introduction of relevant policies, on the 15 day, the reporter learned from the Weifang City Economic Development Zone, to understand, to promote real estate inventory, Economic Zone issued advice to launch a series of measures, from tax concessions, the implementation of housing fund financial concessions and improve the shantytowns resettlement of residents many aspects such as to encourage the public to purchase. Among them, the individual purchase of the only family housing in the economic zone, an area of 144 square meters (including 144 square meters) of the following, to pay the deed tax amount of financial subsidies of $50%.

‘s new opinion, individuals will purchase less than 2 years of housing foreign sales, the full levy of value-added tax; individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of housing sales, exempt from vat. Personal income tax shall be exempted from personal income for more than 5 years and is the only living room of the family. At the same time, the individual purchase of the only family housing in the economic zone, an area of 144 square meters (including 144 square meters) of the following, to pay the deed tax amount of fiscal subsidies of 50%.

in the purchase of commercial or office space for the use of innovative businesses, according to the standard 240 yuan per square meter to be financial subsidies. To encourage migrant workers settled in the area, recruiting workers migrant workers to buy commercial housing, the purchase of new housing in the economic zone, of financial subsidies to 100 yuan per square metre standard, which accounts for the economic zone, economic zone residents enjoy treatment in their children to school.

business registration and tax payment in the economic zone of the enterprises or other organizations, many in the sale of real estate projects in the region to organize workers single real estate projects or by the same real estate development enterprises to develop the purchase of 20 (including 20) above, for the purchase of workers per square meter 150 yuan of financial subsidies. In the unit (enterprise) continuous payment of old-age insurance for more than 1 years (including 1 years) workers, can enjoy the financial subsidy policy, but no longer enjoy the views of the third financial subsidies.

lower loan threshold, improve the loan amount, the use of provident fund to buy the first set of ordinary housing since the minimum down payment of 20% (construction area of more than 144 square meters, the implementation of the 30%). The maximum amount of housing accumulation fund loans increased to 400 thousand yuan, while saving the cost of loans to borrowers, the abolition of housing provident fund loans mortgage registration fees.

implementation of the combination of inventory and shantytowns, low-income housing construction, the government funded or the introduction of social funds, to buy part of the stock of buildings, to become the real part of the shanty District transformation and protection. According to the real estate market situation in the region, through the adjustment of land use and planning conditions, to guide the transformation of the development of real estate land use for national and provincial support for the new recommendation

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