The exploration of selenium enriched road is being carried out in Xingtai Lincheng

let a small number of people to drive most people to become rich road has come, the backward rural areas have also actively explore the road to riches. Xingtai City, Lincheng chose to do an article on wheat, they explore the development of selenium enriched wheat road.

Xiaoman Xiaoman, getting the full grain. Lincheng County, Mengcun, South Liu Xiaofeng, looking at the ripe wheat filled with joy. He said: my family’s wheat selenium, 1 times more expensive than ordinary wheat."

also tasted the sweetness of the selenium enriched functional agriculture and West Dong Cun Zheng Yanfeng. Zheng Yanfeng said that his 1 kilograms of selenium rich millet to sell 80 yuan, the villagers heard the thought he was joking, it even more than 60 years the Father also said that he is dreaming. After autumn, Zheng Yanfeng began selling the selenium rich millet price of 80 yuan per kg, 2500 kg of millet a month sold out, the villagers sincerely convinced. Just the spring of this year, the village 20% villagers to find Zheng Yanfeng, want to grow crops rich in selenium.

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