Baby supplies ten brands list

    baby such a special crowd, now because of changes in position in the family, coupled with economic growth in revenue, resulting in a variety of baby products has a large demand, industry brand is in constant growth. Baby supplies are 0-1 years old baby this special group of professional supplies, special physiological and psychological needs of the baby supplies made a very high demand, so the choice of baby supplies, the requirements are very strict. What brand of baby products is better? Let’s take a look at the top ten baby brand list.

    baby ten brands list NO.1, Johnson Johnson   American brand, the size of the supermarket everywhere, for having heard it many times, variety, from the bath to have a series of skin care series, which belongs to the basic care products, no symptoms for the baby in the baby during the launch of the product will appear.

    baby ten brands list NO.2, child   A Well-Known Trademark in China, covering more than a dozen categories, thousands of varieties, mainly is the bicycle, baby stroller, baby walker, diapers, baby feeding utensils which car is a good child star products, sold at home and abroad.

    baby ten brands list NO.3, Pigeon pigeon   Japan brand, a mention of nipple will think of Pigeon, now is the brand of choice for mothers to buy baby pacifier, the mother can not just buy a pacifier find Pigeon, now also launched a series of diaper and personal care.

    baby ten brands list NO.4,   Aizhen; great backing is also very real, is China Shanghai Institute of Life Science Research Institute of Shanghai hi tech enterprise investment research produced, Aizhen is mainly related to infant food products, Aizhen meat cashmere really good price many mothers, all recommend, taste good baby eat, eat dried meat floss big friends can also enjoy, share the joy of the baby, and help the baby to digest the Aizhen Bao food solution is good, without adding natural, safe and healthy.

    infant supplies ten brands list NO.5, curious   began in 1872 in the United States, known as "how to move, are comfortable" is the curiosity of the card. For a long time, curiosity focused on the innovation of baby diapers, introduced to meet the needs of various baby diapers, diapers can be dazzling.