Zhou Weikun’s path to success

went on to become rich road in general, Zhou Weikun’s pay is enormous, although he still has near sixty years of age, the struggle in the field of entrepreneurship, and strive to build a common wealth for his kingdom.

2005, Zhou Weikun ushered in its tenth year as chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China ibm. 10 years, Zhou Weikun under the leadership of the IBM from the Chinese market to become the leader of the pilot, from a global point of sale to research and development, sales, service simultaneously.

2005, Zhou Weikun’s first IBM without PC days. 10 years, Zhou Weikun personally IBMPC bigger and personally involved in the sale of china. "Abandoned" as the original "stick" firm.


10 years ago, 48 year old Zhou Weikun was appointed chairman of IBM China, and in September 1995 served as chairman and chief executive officer of IBM greater china.

then, IBM does not require a "hit" market, customers are automatically come. With 1994, when he was president of IBM Gerstner made to go to China strategy, IBM China entered the second stage – a comprehensive investment stage. Zhou Weikun is appointed under this background. In September of the same year, IBM China Research Center was established. IBM in China’s research and development, service architecture, and gradually build. After 1995, IBM entered the third stage of development – a comprehensive integration into the Chinese market, IBM China has become an important base for the global ibm.

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