Open two stores where to buy for you recommend 20 Wholesale

two yuan shop seems unremarkable, but small profits and quick turnover can earn a lot of money. There are many friends want to open a two dollar store, but can not find a good source. Two yuan shop where to buy a lot of people are very headache problem. Into the commodity that is cheap, but also trendy fashion, so the two stores purchase channels is also very important.

can also find that professional commodity distribution company. Where do you want to purchase? In the Baidu search "Yiwu 2 yuan supermarket distribution center can be found, you can not let them give you direct to Yiwu delivery, they provide cash on delivery. Currently around the country to join the majority of customers like to buy!

1.  Yiwu China Commodity City

2.  Shaoxing Textile City, Zhejiang, China

3.  Liaoning Shenyang Wu’ai small commodity wholesale market

4.  Liaoning willow clothing wholesale market

5.  Linyi Linyi wholesale city

6.  Hubei Hanzheng Street small commodity market


7.  Sichuan Lotus Pond wholesale market

8.  Hebei Shijiazhuang three small commodity wholesale market

9.  Shandong Sichuan Nao clothing scene

10.  Jiangsu China Eastern Silk Market

11.  Hebei Xinhua Trade Center


12.  Xiaoshan Zhejiang commercial city

13.  Changshu Jiangsu shopping mall

14.  Zhejiang Luqiao small commodity wholesale market (now changed to Zhejiang Taizhou commodity wholesale market)

15.  Jimo Shandong Garment Group

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