Need to pay attention to the details of the operation of the cake shop

open cake shop need to pay attention to what problems? Many investors do not have experience, Xiaobian hope that we can provide more valuable suggestions, so that franchisees can easily do investment work. If you want to learn more, you can learn it quickly.

location choose standard features

in baking class, Wang Qi once with a lot of student exchanges, after the shop is specialized in selling cakes, or cake also sells bread.

from the ideal point of entrepreneurs, Wang Qi certainly hope to be able to sell their own distinctive pastries, so she began to tend to homegrown. But in the preparation of the shop, she had hesitated, because the shop rent than previously envisaged about 5000 yuan a lot higher, so she would not be much of the funds facing the test. She had thought of looking for manufacturers to make cakes, from her to sell, this way can make her do not have to spend too much money on equipment purchase. However, after running a few manufacturers, she felt like this cake is always not as good as their own unique taste, in the long term is not conducive to the development of.

and Wang Qi in shops around the investigation for a long time, she found that although there are some supermarkets and grocery store, the surrounding markets, but few cakes and bread sales. If you do not simply make a cake, but add some fresh baked bread, perhaps to attract office workers to buy bread as breakfast, so you can expand the influence of their stores.

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