How young people start a business

in many young friends want to start a business, do business, want to make money quickly, want to make a lot of money, but it is very, very helpless, helpless. Here Xiaobian for everyone to sum up some small suggestions for reference.

1. to strengthen the study of unremittingly, not necessarily to study business, professional marketing professional, more than usual to see the business, management, investment and social aspects of the books and magazines, such as "business", "modern marketing", "business guide", "public investment guide", "lecture and eloquence" etc.; can also look at the financial news, marketing, economic management, such as the debate on TV; can also see the financial blog on the Internet, for example, Baidu, Ali’s father has Tencent blog, including investment banking, economic management and so on; to know Dripping water wears through a stone. frozen for three days, is not. Overnight, to be unremittingly, days and months multiplying.

2. to improve their eloquence. There is a saying that good, the pot boiled dumplings, his goods poured out. Entrepreneurship, business is selling products or services, if the eloquence is not good, the product is good, it is difficult for others to understand and accept, so we must strive to improve their eloquence and language skills. In addition, we should practice fluent mandarin.

3. want to start a business, make money, must learn to be a man. They should be strict with themselves to be an honest person, a moral person, a good person, a modest person, a person of content, a dignified person. In order to achieve a career, their own quality is a key element of customer assessment. For example, I buy when it is not dealing with the people of Henan, because the majority of their good reputation in the business circle in China too.

4. there is a very important point is that many businessmen will ignore, that is to learn to fully respect their competitors. Only in the circle of competitors you can continue to become bigger and stronger, if only in a circle of industry you are a person, you can not eat alone and fat, but will not stop, which is the threat of survival truth. An enterprise to grow and develop, is constantly improve themselves, fall off the competition so as to Jin and even the leading position in front of the boss.

5. is to learn to choose. As the saying goes: women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. In fact, regardless of men and women, as long as their own business, business, are afraid of the wrong line. You look at the street often have opened the store, people often shut down, in fact, the store.

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