Recommend cosmetic store location several tips

we know, cosmetics store location has been a lot of friends in the thinking of the problem, indeed, cosmetic store location for future business impact. Cosmetics store location, related to the late stage of business promotion, decided this day after the business is good or bad, so it should be careful to choose the suitable location, need to address, not too busy, so how to grasp the location problem of cosmetics? Here are some common techniques and methods.

"" tactic: the key port of

"position" is a port, this is the key factor of whether the shop has investment value, a shop at the port, it means that in the future the shops operating conditions have inherent security at least, the public like Sanyi is very typical, is located in the most representative of Chengdu, the most bustling commercial pedestrian street – Chunxi Road, occupies print port, born with good location advantage, every day here at the average daily flow of 300 thousand The stream never stops flowing., people, nature unlimited business opportunities.

"person" is a popular tactic: support

"potential" tactic: it is important to plan

"potential" refers to the investors to judge the business development trend and for planning understanding, future development should have a good estimate of this is actually to the shops operating Yetai, and the relevant departments of the regional planning, the regional business to grasp, to see if there are conflicts and shops operating content. For example, the nine peak force Steel City Auto Parts City, Chengdu International Auto City, Moore Tianxialiangcang and other professional market, are relying on the formation of the regional district overall planning, has the very good development space for its operation. There is a huge industry advantage.

"road" tactic: traffic is based on

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