What are the 5 emerging business models that Americans are now hitting the market

this is a country full of competition, but also a lot of opportunities in the country. The United States, there are 2300 small businesses, will add a total of 54.3 new small businesses every month. So, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, not only a unique value proposition, but also a variety of income streams, as well as adequate, powerful creativity.

The research of network


founded: 2011

From the perspective of

"meal" education platform, teaching experts in any discipline, a class, anyone can participate in this program, only need to pay $20 or $25.

2, Zady

founded: 2013

From the perspective of

Zady is designed to change the way people look at fashion products, especially the fast fashion industry. The founder of the company Soraya  Darabi and Maxine  Bedat very focused

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