Rural Entrepreneurship in the initial stage of chaos talk

in the government to encourage the development of rural electricity supplier at the same time, we need to see that there are still many places lack of infrastructure, the lack of reliable platform and other chaos. Rural electricity supplier has not yet led to the development of the existence of hidden dangers, the need for vigilance.

With the increasing of

"I feel fooled. Not long ago to participate in the organization of a company’s electricity supplier training, second days to help register a website, I was paying a fee of $21 thousand. There are hundreds of people, are like me so eager to engage in electricity supplier executives." Liu Shiyong, director of Jingshan rice planting cooperatives Liu Zhen said. In addition, it was also reflected that some of the electricity supplier training just engage in a web page, is not a sales platform, there is no upstream and downstream industry chain.

"some farmers to businesses that have a crape myrtle flowers can open the seven colors, many villagers have also released a message for gospel truth, on the website, many customers buy after the discovery of problems, on the site of complaints." Jiangsu Shuyang County Yan Ji Yan village Party branch secretary Li Yanchun says, this not only affects the buyer, is affecting the farmers groups, or even damage a regional image. Reporters learned that some farmers in order to sell fake products in the short term interest occurs. How to fight online and offline sales of fake products need to attract attention.

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