See how the four line of the town electricity supplier wealth market fun

electricity supplier is now the idea of gaining popularity, many entrepreneurs have been small in the electricity supplier industry, moving towards greater entrepreneurial goals. As for the four lines of the town, want to get rich on the Internet, it seems to overcome more entrepreneurial difficulties.

in a second tier city electricity supplier, the basic pattern has been set, the next step is the competition of the channel sink, for the three or four line of the city. However, in some small towns, many companies use the existing electricity supplier platform, has touched a set of gameplay, such as Datang town. To the town of Zhuji City, Datang socks are socks Market electricity supplier park is located in the two floor, 38 enterprises settled in early September this year. These have worked hard for young people, have returned to Datang, took over the parents of the venture, the gun, will open a variety of shop.

"with the socks industry of manufacturing advantages, and complete industrial chain, Datang electronic commerce has towards the stage of large-scale expansion." Datang Town, the official said, at present, Datang socks domestic sales ratio of about 1/3, and is increasing year by year, which has great relationship with the development of electricity supplier.

Datang entrepreneurship tide

5 shop opened down, Shen Yanxin annual sales has reached tens of millions of dollars. The parent plant hosiery machine from the original 14 Taiwan increased to the current more than and 70 units, also recently bought 4 acres of land to build the plant. Shop business is hot, Shen Yanxin also found more than and 10 processing factory.

like Shen Yanxin, Datang Town, a batch of young people involved in e-commerce. Young people focus on the phenomenon of returning home, the town government has been close attention. This group of young people seem to be about the general, have returned home to open a shop." Datang town official said, these people have seen the world outside, knowledge, mind spirit, a lot of people online business bigger and bigger.

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