The story of college students from hotel service to CEO

many people have to venture an impossible thing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so unattainable, but it is not an easy thing, we can learn from some successful cases, try to avoid detours, to actively move closer to success!

"entrepreneurship is not easy, be yourself as a business enterprise, is their own CEO, CEO do not just face the opportunity to grasp the time, should establish their own brand of " "." Graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, international trade professional Yang Yinfeng admits his entrepreneurial thinking.

"don’t dwell in your past, face the future; the door of success only for integrity, adhere to the dream open."

hold their own entrepreneurial opportunities

2007 in July, Yang Yinfeng left the school to enter the community, when he was only 1000 yuan of money, bought a train ticket, on the assumption of $670 alone to find a job in Hangzhou.

the beginning, Yang Yinfeng’s work is responsible for the hotel waiter, and pour out the tea in the sport after finishing, the guests left the bathroom, every day working hours from 3 pm to 11 pm, usually after 12 o’clock to finish things, a monthly salary of 500 yuan. Do two months later, Yang Yinfeng found the hotel leaders play ping-pong well, let Yang Yinfeng do a positive table tennis sparring, specifically with the hotel guests to play. At ordinary times, Yang Yinfeng, in addition to studying skills, but also pay attention to improve their sense of service, looking for more and more people playing basketball, a lot of time to make an appointment in advance of the appointment of Yang Yinfeng.

2008 in March, a listed company’s chairman in the play with Yang Yinfeng, Yang Yinfeng feel more suitable to do business, asked Yang Yinfeng willing to go to his company as a salesman, so Yang Yinfeng came to this company, responsible for the Zhejiang area business in group company. Doing business at the same time, Yang Yinfeng began to brew their own entrepreneurial projects. The idea was also supported by the chairman. In February 2009, Yang Yinfeng left the company, officially began his entrepreneurial path.

2009 in January, Yang Yinfeng began Scheming Companies, site selection, recruit employees, join the registered capital. The home in rural parents out of all their savings at home, has raised 30 thousand yuan, then my father used to tell Yang Yinfeng to say a word is "the son, refueling do so, when tired, think of doing farm work in the fields of hard work, the farmer’s children only pay 10 times more than others to be successful."

office space rent in a commercial and residential district, to save money rent is 140 square meters of rough housing, 1350 yuan per month. In order to decorate the office, Yang Yinfeng traveled through the building materials market in Xiaoshan, through the landlord

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