Primary school students get a month of winter job does not touch the computer

now bow family can be seen everywhere, and a younger trend. Recently, a primary school students received a wonderful winter vacation homework, the teacher asked the students not to touch the phone for a month, causing hot friends.

22 on the day of the winter vacation, 8 year old Zhao Yimei was pulled out of a winter vacation homework to cry. Job title: if there is no mobile device. The main tasks are: adhere to a month’s time do not play video games, do not touch the phone and computer, reading, sports, and students interact with each other to replace online games and internet.

"Mom, this I certainly couldn’t finish the homework!" Zhao Mei is sad and crying. Dad, mom, and I think this problem is very difficult, it is almost impossible for adults.

Why it is hard for her to

see this question, Zhao Yimei I feel I am not myself. In the afternoon, she didn’t think about it carefully, but before she went to bed at night, she cried sadly. As a squad leader, she has always been strict with themselves, would like to complete this winter vacation homework, but she also knows that it is too difficult to complete, which makes her heart is suffering.

"this winter vacation work, for now the child, it is very difficult to do." That night, saw her daughter could not stop the tears, his father issued a sigh in the circle of friends.

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