Owners you copy and paste you can retain a reprint two words

world network in a row, because I work occasionally to write articles! Website, personal! Also from time to time in the back of the heart with two names even in a reprint please indicate: XXXX… Etc.. Not to say that this article, plus the site of propaganda, how good, but a positive result of their own labor, the so-called security bar, but really can anti-counterfeiting


today the mood is not good, do not want to write an article on the thought of office to see if there is no new and webmaster related articles, just give yourself a stimulating idea of writing, but left behind, DEDE, A5, mom, today the date turned a is not easy to find a seemingly good and very close to the station online search, mom, not to A5 online N hours is N days of the article, let me a little depressed is to see a few familiar title, is a strange name post! I will not cut the figure, for example " not thousands of IP I have a monthly income of tens of thousands!! " the title to mother soso, in to the A5


wrote the article is to let people see, you have reproduced let more webmaster see their love to see things, I feel very honored, but would you please write a reprint of "reproduced"? Since the article was added in their articles and is related to the site, leaving a why not reprint! Not saying that his writing how much good, even if it is only a short that is also the author of his one word out of the fight, and your blunt plus your web site, or even have the meaning of the original flavor changed


sends the article just to bring a connection, what do you think you can bring to you?. Tell you what is soft, and not the site or even by what feeds, reproduced please specify is soft, it is not. It is not the real purpose of the soft, soft, not by you to click on the address at the end! Connect a blunt, you’ll get to the point? Some go with? A day for you to take 10 thousand IP and how! Flow is money, but not all

traffic is gold!

want to promote their own websites, spend a little time in each article you send to you, master to get is the final money and not in the mechanical and rigid soft CLICK! There are several realm of you in the Baidu search, you will know that this article can give you create flow, create money! If you still blindly copy and paste, maybe just a waste of time and energy! If you want me to say the article is not to get readers to click, conversion and purchase intention is also called money and interest rate, just want to add a chain, then I it is Speechless, that you continue to copy and paste it, just want to add the URL you can copy and paste when writing a two word "reserved"


, look at A5. I don’t need to go anywhere else because of a few so-called ‘>

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