Talking about beauty station and garbage station

and many others, I also believe that beauty is rubbish station, because it involves many factors, one is content boring, do not stand the significance; and this kind of station, but also relates to the moral problems, think this station is always inseparable and pornography, ha ha……

whatever the reason, to this day, I finally see, beauty station is not necessarily garbage station, garbage station, not just beauty station.

first, we acknowledge that there is a garbage station! But must be considered again, not a mouth is so natural, so not only will make some webmaster chilling, and the more important one is that you know will mislead the station to do.

therefore, we should give the garbage station a more accurate definition, that is, no content, no thought, no income, in the people have no interest in the station, indeed, can be considered a garbage station. However, we all know that a lot of body art and other beauty station, does not meet the above characteristics! Many beautiful women webmaster income not bandits, this does not say, this kind of station is not to say that it is not beneficial to users. We can think of a station, also is what type of pipe, as long as it can on the IP broken million, then certainly not only brought by some bad means, it certainly has its own value of existence, that is of no value is not possible. Instead, some people seem to have a head in front of their eyes…… Out of order, boasting a turn, and the final result, your station has made many contributions to people, you can from the income and how much profit? Many webmaster should have experience, is not difficult to do, the income of the poor? Give yourself no income, not to mention profits for the user that is nonsense.

so, some webmaster, you should have a clear idea to do stand, troubled, when you think that no matter what kind of station is rubbish station, must think carefully, we are not wrong, wrong, it is easy to go wrong.

himself, but also hope that the master exhibitions,

! human art

this article has been published once, but no one to browse, oh, so once again, sincerely hope to have enthusiastic webmaster’s valuable advice!


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