Vow to go with Baidu

Please see the

novice webmaster, veteran level SEO master please bypass so as not to delay your valuable time!

I was doing more than the master, nothing else, want to try the SEO to optimize their knowledge, to do a dumpster to play.

picked up a key Vagaa wow honk to do, choose when checked, feel the word and make up, buy the domain name www.vagaajq.cn, matching relationship between domain name and keyword or need, and then design a simple page tour began to experiment.

start are routine steps, submit web site, and then find a few places thread, waiting to collect. Luck is estimated that about 3 days, Baidu will be included in the normal. The work is in trouble. As a rule, Baidu for new sites included is faster, but the K is also fast, is a single page station, how to continue to update, escape Baidu blow? Collect relevant content every day, do a simple page as a content page, on the first page of a link.

that lasted about 3 months, found a little effect, Baidu keywords ranking slowly into the second page, this time from Baidu over the flow slightly off about 1500 look over every day. Later, traffic continued to rise to about 2000 of the time, will stop the update, the home made a advertising alliance to download, at this time of the day by Baidu over the flow of advertising every day can also achieve revenue of about 100 yuan. But 2000 of the traffic to maintain the good times don’t last long, about 3 months or so, due to carelessness, want to increase a long tail keywords, change the site title,

has not been two days Baidu mercilessly plucked, ha ha.

only with this experience, I feel Baidu is not so unbreakable, and will continue to do similar sites, continue to experiment.

new sites to let Baidu fast included, without much difficulty, submit sites, and then the corresponding Baidu update faster site, forum, guestbook local is a word you can leave your URL where appropriate speech in reply, will soon be included in Baidu.

was included after the work is more important, to persevere in the update, the process is really boring, but since you want to do the station, this effort is not willing to, or take the morning do not do well. Not continuous updates, Baidu included you today, tomorrow you can not find your own site on Baidu.

To choose the right before

words do stand in the fierce competition, not to choose the word, is hard to do, of course, since that is the expert except if their own site positioning is not high, every day can come through the Baidu IP will meet thousands of words, such a long tail word or a lot.

above experience, just throw a brick, hope for new Adsense help, I also in S>

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