Talking about the three common defects of website promotion staff at present

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially more and more people realize the importance of Web site optimization, so the optimization of the industry can be said to have been an unprecedented development, so people flooded into the optimization of industry, but because of the low barriers to entry, as long as the use of computer to read the book will be of interest to optimize, can in this industry, so the general quality is not high, has some shortcomings, the author would you elaborate on three defects of current site optimization personnel are common here.

1. Website promotion is short of plan

SEO works fine and complex, a multitude of things, often involving many departments, if not a good plan in advance, often unable to start, or do a little here, where do some. I have seen a webmaster, SEO knowledge is good, but it is lack of order and plan, today do this keyword, tomorrow try other methods of the chain. Just entered the staff every day with his unplanned work, work for a long time, still feel very confused. The staff can not find the direction and enthusiasm in the work, for a long time, will lose interest in the promotion, so to make optimization scheme, according to the plan step, which is in order to make the site appear good promotion effect.

two, website promotion lacks cooperation consciousness,

a complete SEO team should include: SEO manager, page optimization staff, content editors, link builders, technology and designers, and traffic analysis. As the various departments of the allocation of tasks intersect, many of the optimization work is not completed by one person, so everyone needs to have a sense of teamwork and cooperation. From the station optimization point of view, the site’s article editor, the site’s internal link construction, the overall optimization of the site, etc., need to invest a lot of effort to optimize. From the outside of the station to optimize the point of view, the site included, Web links, web site external link construction also need attention. But some owners lack of team spirit, doing their own work alone, not to communicate with colleagues, when looking at their promotion effect, know their own promotion direction is wrong, there is such a situation, is the lack of awareness of cooperation performance.

three, website promotion is lack of reasonable arrangement time,

now because of the whole social environment, so everyone all the money, so some owners in order to earn more money, so desperately to pick up the website promotion work, can be said to have a station promotion work very vexed heavy, but for this money, to let the webmaster lost through day and night to work overtime, spend a lot of energy to work, we think it is worth? I think the answer is negative, because it is in the consumption of our life, so the webmaster to accept rational work, reasonable arrangements for the time, the only way to sustainable and healthy work.

although the above three points, not every promotion personnel will exist >

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