Novice Webmaster talk about the experience of using NETCMS systems

I set up the use of NETCMS, is a company in Chengdu developed. Why use program? Because I want to test the C++ language this year, and I have studied the C language systematically. C# is developed from C and C++, and I think I should use many common places. Another reason is that I think is the main product of Microsoft Corp, coupled with the robustness of C#, it should be the future direction of WEB. JAVA has been considered before, but at that time did not adhere to, the site is also deserted.

decided to buy a 100M space after using Now space is cheaper than other space, is it because the use of fewer people?. At first I didn’t know there was CMS. It was in the A5 forum that I read the posts of the novice webmaster. I used to use HTML only, and every time I updated it, I updated one page. I search CMS on the Internet, found that class CMS rarely, some of the better are abroad, my English is not good, so there is no choice. I would like to choose an open source, not because of the money, I want to study how others write the program, after all, I want to learn C#, rather than just a web site. Finally, NETCMS was found.

NETCMS but to the database, I went and bought a MYSQL database, did not think I was not clear, NETCMS does not support MYSQL and MSSQL2000, but IDC service providers to the MSSQL space space is much more expensive than MYSQL, for two times the price. After a bit of tossing and turning, finally put CMS installed on the site up.

first is to modify the template home page, I put the original 9 columns reduced to 6, and another three plates, hot spots, recommended, recently updated, I reserved. 9 squares together, three in each row, three rows. Then delete all the pictures, I just want to do a simple site. Finally, I deleted all my member system and comment system. Feeling is a web site made out of pure HTML, and only the most basic function of reading.

a few days too ugly, he made a stand and a website at the top of the picture. Is to find a picture of the landscape on the Internet, and then cut it, and the site of their own domain name ( and web site introduction (novice webmaster’s starting point) written in the above on it. Restoration of member systems, the abolition of the proposed plate, members landing and members of the basic information display, the original recommendation column inside, but has not been fully successful, we must continue to explore.

later found that many things can not be changed, continue to Google, Baidu only know that I use the installation version, so download the source version on the internet. The original system has. Copyright information and links on the NETCMS delete all. To tell the truth, should open source CMS be retained?

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