New station and a half months by Baidu collection experience talk about

recently, with interest, I made a very fancy site navigation station, on-line less than half a month, Baidu has been included, it is really exciting. This time I also wonder, not to say that Baidu has not included new? He will this nearly two months of efforts and tortuous experiences and share with you, welcome paizhuan.

two months ago, I also used this domain name, and HAO123 procedures, made a navigation site site, the contents of its own modifications less than 10%. A month later, Baidu’s shadow was not seen.

later, I didn’t like the static program, so I found a dynamic program to change it. Is now the collection site included, traffic exchange, union advertising in one of the web site travel station. Note: This program is how much effort I have to modify, the data are my own one added.

repeat the daily work, add Web site, exchange of friendship, pull Adsense exchange… Although IP is not much, but I also do not restore heart, I plan to use one year to do 10 thousand traffic, I still have confidence.

big medicine in the past more than 2 weeks time, accidentally found that statistics have Baidu bring traffic, carefully check, the key word is: Travel Web site. So the hearts of exultation, not wasted, I wasted time, and finally brought traffic 1, I am also pleased to break the Baidu, not included in the new station myth. (Note: I made a movie station, there are 2-3 months, the program is MAXZ, each data acquisition plug-in, up to now Baidu is not included, do not believe you can change the, IP,

changed the program)

lesson, I think Baidu included the main or original problem.

first, make sure your program is "original", of course, not to promote your own writing a program, of course, they can write their own, with that better, satisfactory. However, more webmaster just use ready-made let flow CMS, then you’ll have to modify, modify, can from navigation, layout, color, layout and other aspects of the modification, don’t and everyone stereotyped. I will not find people, such as in the ADMIN5 forum, I think the general template changes what, as long as 100-500 yuan, ranging from, and finally make good use of their own PHOTOSHOP map, with detailed instructions, so that the art to modify. Remember how Wang Trading Benefits Oh, needless to say, so I said is a lobbyist, anyway my principle is that people can not have the heart, the heart of man is not ah.

second, make sure your content is original". Content of the original, and some of this article is very clear, the title, text, labels and so on, we have to modify themselves, and this I am also learning. When changing, must revolve around the theme to change, revolves around the user may search the title to change. Example: Premier Wen was in tears, and my other stop was on the second page, the last second. I added it myself. I saw the same article at the time. I want to turn around

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