Webmaster forced Road we will go from here

in the Internet era, the rapid development of the stage, there is an industry, we can not forget how much they contribute to the Internet, immeasurable, they are the webmaster. They are also forced to suffer, webmaster countrymen are forced to suffer even forced birth in them to an old station from a new station, from a non-profit station to a month tens of thousands or even hundreds of stations, their effort, did you understand? Busy day and night, till the morning just think of sleep, they also forget the bitter death TOOL tools, or even daily contact. Standing on a hard road, where will we go?.

with the rapid development of smart phones, APP era has come, they are mobile phone gens, we are a computer gens, listening is very different, but the Internet is interconnected. Now the APP era is the stage of development, and not as good as imagined, and even imagine can replace the computer. But in the mobile phone on the one hand, led to many visitors, but give us these Adsense lost many visitors, engaged in the development prospect of APP is great, but we have the bitter webmaster and how do?

, the lazy, opportunistic ones are changing your character,

A lot of

station is the use of black hat SEO way to optimize, for short-term interests, but so what? You do a webmaster hard for such a long time is not to a good time? If you cheat SEO, not seriously to use it’s SEO to make a stand, when your website made up, so we are really able to sleep without any anxiety, in the Internet webmaster in this industry on its feet, rather than to the black hat SEO to be always on tenterhooks every day as afraid of K, here to remind you that one: for in this industry, you don’t have the technology to cheat technology to do white hat SEO


two, those infringing websites, as soon as possible pull as soon as possible,


I am a movie webmaster, of course every day are hard to force optimization website, but I know it is not for a long time is a website, sooner or later will be closed the site, so if some owners have done pretty good website can persist for some time, but remember not to do so big, otherwise Beijing movie network is your fate, we make the movie station belong to the infringement, to think for themselves a good posterior, do not blindly do these infringing sites, can also want to do some regular site. I am also very clear why we do these infringing sites, because these high site traffic, less effort, because it is pure acquisition so everyone in the movie station, but we have ever thought of these competencies are, so for some new movie website, and do not understand the optimization of these movies site owners in bitter forced to withdraw from it, the first is infringement, second is very competitive, there is a suggestion that too lazy people only know to the gathering of people you don’t need to do a movie station, and station >

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