To rectify the nternet pornography on some extreme and outrageous measures

at the end of 2009, for many webmaster, it can be said to be very, somewhat unstable.

The reason for the

is that some of the moves in the cyber porn storm have seemed extreme and outrageous. In a word, the gates of fire, bring disaster to the fish, the relevant departments and in some areas, deepening the rectification work, take the shock therapy, which, inevitably some leftist.

but some of the reports I’ve seen these days have left me with some confusion. I agree with the pornographic and vulgar information, suggest that the monkey Watch chicken, but the chicken against killing the monkey is leisurely and carefree approach, killed the rats but not down with the tiger, it is not reliable. Because of the influence, big website users and spread of power, far better than the small sites, the negative effects of pornography, but also far beyond the small sites, so the author put forward the suggestion: the monkey chicken, but unfortunately, so far, the consolidation, did not see a big website shut down, instead of tens of thousands of small sites are playing a head-on blow out of his wits and you know, some big websites have been warned many times, still incorrigible, but did not receive any substantive punishment.

even more outrageous is that some organs and some areas have adopted a "one size fits all" shock therapy, especially excessive.

For example,

,.Cn domain name, all of a sudden do not give personal registration, this is somewhat hypocritical, the starting point is good, but obviously not measures properly, the effect is not very good. Do not register.Cn domain name, can you block pornographic website all? Can’t?. For those pornographic web site operators, no.Cn domain name, also can be a lot of registered.Com,.Cc domain name, and personal way, not to register, they can get a company name change ah, palliatives, some self deception.

IDC again, off network problems, since late November, the country has a number of provinces and cities have taken IDC service providers off network measures, this means it is vast, can cut off the lifeline, porn sites but also put a lot of sex and independent enterprise station, a station and strangled, and dirty water children poured out, this is ridiculous. If in accordance with this idea, telecom operators simply shut down internet access services, the country’s Internet are out, and suddenly back to the Internet era, is not it more clean?

, that’s not the way to solve the problem. Just like national check drunk driving problem, because if there were a lot of malignant cases of drunk driving accident injuries, the relevant departments that drunk driving too much damage, requires the hotel can only sell liquor, soft drinks, this is not funny? Because you can’t drive in the deprivation of rights to drink at the same time, the other people’s rights are deprived of drinking, this is common sense. However, at present, the departments concerned and some regions have taken the extreme measures which are better to be wrongly killed than one thousand and not to be missed

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