Some reflections on the New Media Summit

today is June 27th, I attended the community + New Media Summit sponsored by micro media alliance, speed network and technology temple, located in Futian sports park’s new media advertising industry park.

this activity is 100 yuan a person’s ticket, of course you can use this form to set like 100 free tickets, I also participated in various activities, but are free of charge or public interest, it is to experience the effect of pay.


originally, this activity is not my newspaper, because a few days ago I see there are places for the above activities, I think as long as before the registration in 1 days, it should be too late! But it turns out to be wrong.


1 days before I go to see, has become a gray button, can not sign up, I want to go to, how does that do? Then I found the activities responsible person Xia Xiaoshuai, WeChat communication about this through the heart, was happy, so after you see what interests you must seize the opportunity to do, don’t wait.

, let me talk about this conference. I don’t think it’s a good experience. I believe the people who went to the scene knew the problem. There was no wheat and no stereo. Of course, later, the relevant responsible personnel also feel sorry, this is a little accident, it can also be understood. Personal estimate is not fully prepared, resulting in the scene without wheat and audio.

but then share the guests to share is awesome, interactive to the following people sometimes ask from time to time, sit below the person can hear? Because when the venue is still relatively spacious, at least 200 people, scattered all sit, sit on the edge of the speaker if people do not listen to to call you, so come and sit closer to the middle, it is doing very good.

today’s activities on the whole or more awesome, organizers invited some heavyweight guests to do something to share, mainly Shenzhen local side, like Shenzhen tide life activities, Uber, Shenzhen Wu Xiaobo book club and other related new media operators responsible for people to come, especially like Shenzhen tide of life, known as Uber size and brand, I believe many people know or heard.

today is the theme of "community + new media", the operation of people which will bring dry cargo share? Because we share together is very long, so I have to comb, put some emphasis to share to everyone.

, the first guest to participate in the event, is the editor of Shenzhen tide life, and he is the person who lives in Shenzhen for a long time. The main thing is to do some local beer and skittles, to provide a guide to life. Listen to the help card, they are now in Shenzhen, nearly 780 thousand of readers, this amount is still very large, >

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