On the road do not feel home distant webmaster to do the ideal of that unique self


" still feels that you are talking about the big truth. Ha ha, there is no maneuverability". A few days ago, a friend of mine told me on QQ.

thank you, my friend. I’ve been thinking about it all these days – in fact, what my friend doesn’t know is that my friends have been criticizing me for being too unrealistic.


everyone love Yunshanwuzhao scenery, but hate Yunshanwuzhao truth

such criticism is not the lack of evidence — take my blog, many articles at first glance, profound view, shocking, so many "cherish chain as gold". Once in the blog, forum text to me outside the chain, introducing; but for a long time, but as this feeling only, and even feel a bit biased, coupled with the lack of practical skills, so more friends far away, this is my blog must face the challenge — say I don’t care if it’s fake.

indeed, only "selling reason has always been dogskin Plaster" without love — especially stressed that "the data speak today. For example, ZAC also said the truth, but he said the truth is through a series of practical skills naturally, his two old book "network marketing code" and "SEO" are outstanding skills in actual combat password and case, not to mention his book "to increase the anti promotion case 101 Methods" link the more can be immediately imitated using techniques that immediately spread on the network.

The successful experience of

that is worthy of my learning, I also have been learning, for example, I have tried to "query Baidu reprint articles such as chain" skills of topics, or consciously combined with some grassroots case of success, the effect is good.

can learn to learn, I have not forgotten is that there are differences between people, I am not ZAC, nor is it anyone else. My blog promotion must be based on their own characteristics, strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and take my own road, to create a unique blog content system, and further to local conditions to form my promotion road. At any time, Handan is must stop – although walk each other really beautiful, too wonderful for words.

therefore, in the face of "all you say is truth" remind, I think I still have to focus on Daily website operation practice and theory study, adhere to their own goals, through unremitting efforts, in the blog marketing as soon as possible to form a unique style of their own unique, really set up on their own network the unique marketing content system, with unique content to speak — with the owners, the needs of the SEOER, the real "truth" in the clear, further to my blog marketing brand ideal, hope that one day, my blog was "Copy Collection of pseudo original", perhaps many webmaster, SEOER (I didn’t see the target user blog) >

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