Mr cc personal webmaster must be omnipotent

is written in the front:

we are the Internet in the sea of a drop in the bucket we are independent of the website, in 60%, Chinese, individual owners have achieved profitability, the main profit way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan, the most profitable site types and industries are electronic commerce website and the automotive industry. In 2012, according to incomplete statistics, in all Chinese website, personal website market share accounted for about 40%, with the development of the market, the personal website of the competition pressure gradually, and the individual owners must also be Almighty can adapt to the development needs of the internet.

personal webmaster definition:

personal webmaster is the personal website operation without the aid of external force, and is responsible for the management of the site of the hit, promotion, operation, has a higher dreams of young people.

personal Adsense Almighty where:

as a personal webmaster, we must learn to build their own eighteen Wu Yi.

1, front desk design, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks is essential.

I am a design background, should not say, because they are still in school, but as a web site, the design elements must be, the user determines a first impression of the website, the website is like looking at the same person, the first impression is very important, not always button, LOGO, color collocation said some websites so simple things to go for help.

2, program, Dreamweaver simple function must learn.

DIV+CSS is the basic elements of a web page, it is closely related to the layout of the page, as a CSS+DIV front, can not understand art, on the contrary, as a web page, also must be familiar with DIV+CSS.

3, Javascript will be used, will change on the line.

Although a variety of CMS

site provides a solution for us, there are a variety of templates can make brilliant "effect, but as a webmaster, simple coding ability also must have the rich and practical.Js code for our website can be icing on the cake.

4, web language.


such as PHP programming language seems very difficult, but we must also slightly know a little, when a Discuz program to take in hand, we also need to know how to go to the two amendment, of course, ASP and JSP also can not let go.

5, website operation, SEO, promotion.


operations" literally look rather domineering

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