Photo webmaster website for the good opportunity to relax Tourism

from the government last year unified record, last year to large-scale network regulation, China Internet began to appear large fluctuations, the most intense reaction is that we did not have the strength and the love nest at home the small station. Recently, on the photo record entered a substantive stage of speculation, a seething uproar. I asked the person in charge of the Sichuan Administration for calling the new domain name special telephone. With regard to the Sichuan authority, I feel that I am still very responsible. This is probably related to Sichuan’s support for the internet. He told me very friendly consultation and the answer is, "is about to start taking pictures for the record" is a foregone conclusion, the need to carry a copy of identity card (ID card or insurance purposes) to the site where the server taking pictures there. And the old stationmaster may not be in the picture to set up the regulation (this is the server company that I consulted). But even if all the owners need to take pictures, I don’t think there’s any need to complain.

I think the reason for not complaining is as follows:

1, no manners, no, Cheng Fangyuan,

I’m a free person myself, too. I don’t like being tied down. But the Internet has now had an impact beyond television, newspapers and other media. As an individual webmaster, it is the responsibility to correctly guide the audience of the website. And the website takes a photograph to record, all have carried out exposure to the website, can restrain a few stationmaster effectively, release information and picture that do not have responsibility for personal gain. When the problem arises, can you find the responsible person for the first time, if you have no ghost in your mind, don’t do evil, be afraid of exposing your information? When you do the ID card, everyone’s opinion is not so intense, right?


2, the inter provincial photo as a tourist

I am the webmaster of industry knowledge, I am in Chengdu, the website server is in Xi’an, and I also enjoy the trouble of inter provincial photograph. However, you long stay at home webmaster, why not take this opportunity to go out and enjoy a wide range of scenery?. We are lucky to have a website, often tired, and this is actually a relationship with our long-term loneliness.

in addition, many webmaster will say, increase the cost of the station, increase the cost, or say you have no money. In fact, the site itself requires a lot of pay, abandon this is a chance of success is relatively small damage to the body of the industry, the industry is not a lot of people understand to build a website on the low investment money, high return "". Secondly, going out for a walk is good for your mind and body. Many of our webmaster, long-term sink in the dream of their own packaging, long-term presence in the virtual network, and social reality seriously out of line. Why not take the opportunity to go out for a walk and broaden your horizons?.

3, it’s not good to move web servers abroad,

this is a part of the choice of a friend, but this choice is correct? Need to follow suit? Really think if your site to a certain scale, and the foreign server problems how do you solve? The speed will be guaranteed? In fact, the server may not move abroad.

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