Share a little bit of experience with the B2B website

site is not easy, at least in front of my new users feel like doing nothing, from February to apply for domain name, ready to do B2B, and now nothing harvested, may not find the way it. Now let me tell you the lesson of my failure.

The importance of

1. domain name selection.

domain name is the name of their station, up, and let people remember you, not good trouble. We originally planned to build the Xingtai plate net, did not choose the English domain name, but chose, everybody looked very defeated. With the Xingtai plate network seems not to the point ah, our intention is that XT Xingtai, BCD is read fluently. Too failed.

then do the station and select the B2B program.

2. selects the right B2B program.

we do not have the ability to develop B2B program, only to find some online program, with intent, then choose Sheng, and traders. Net is used to test only once, found many problems, so give up. With the intention to feel can also be used to do, breaking the succession. Almost finished, and found a lot of procedural problems, and then the site has issued a lot of information and articles, and throw it is also a pity, it is helpless heart – change program. At this time, PR is 1. Find the B2B program and the dealer. From the heart is cold, really. Really want to say to everyone, have no ability to develop procedures, don’t do B2B website.

3. changes the domain name, lets you lose more.

is not allowed to change the domain name, to replace XTBCD XTBCW, one word is to start again. I don’t want to talk about it any more.

4. search optimization

I would like to tell you, do not try to optimize your site, the new station Baidu is very important, do not need to optimize. My key words are: Xingtai plate, Xingtai plate net, sheet base, sheet metal, these. "Xingtai plate", Baidu, GOOGLE are the first, "plate base", Baidu first, GOOGLE 3., included is also very good,.

I want to ask you now, how to perfect the transition to change the domain name ah? There are experts to say, thank you, oh,


5. publicity is very important.

look, what a lot of netizens say is to be on the net and below the net at the same time propaganda, I think to be right, but you should have capital to invest. Originally plans to invest thousands of dollars to the local publicity, then the reason is because the partners do not have to do the promotion, online promotion? Post? Only in the Baidu Post Bar hair, no how, do not know how to just have the effect most publicity, after all this is the plate industry, must be people within the industry see that effect ah.

still believe, B2B is to rely on money to smash. Oh.

doesn’t say, there’s nothing for this B2B platform

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