Some thoughts about doing web work

Not only in

, thirty soon or the vast sea of people at P station, you can take one bowl of tube tube against themselves who are unable to manage you. But who knows the older idea of less traditional thoughts of the hands and feet, no longer young night ideas 100, wake up the morning break only a good point, not mature idea, noon meal being negative, and then continue to eat and drink beer, to chat QQ, continue to generate ideas, ideas more than a fart, not counting the money really, it seems less idea is not a bad thing, a few less dead brain cells, only to have you have the idea, also did not dare to start, for his girlfriend to eat KFC? Mom and dad have made the annual number of points between colleagues charging boss will leave point, be cheated throwing, losers, mobile phone digital domain space junk customers The restaurant owner driver again ravaged, little people who has such a thin knife pariah every month 2 thousand how to go, haven’t seen the "wind", "when your boss with your XS, are their own people, usually by your hard work, how do you know how to start. Do not turn tail, a loud roar," I’m not working for wages, I was in the business, do not speak the words so I look down on yourself, I only know that in the current Wushiyibai premise of solving the problem of food and clothing is a must, who do not, the following is a recommended will be a complaint organized by the useless negation assumed the so-called webmaster hair may not be clear not to blame.

1. do not believe Zhao Benshan station, to be pragmatic, Zhao Benshan is undoubtedly China Hu Cantor, what a tree on a monkey, monkey and 2 monkeys, and 8 monkeys, he can think this is a power, you have to think that is wrong, unless you no long-term plan, which promising station is growing up by fudge? Said Ma flicker, that is pulling investment in flicker, website, what time do the project fooled investors, visionary investment is down-to-earth person general, Zhou will also hung Wei flicker, but things are still serious, afraid to two words, Taobao 360 you do not spend a penny as well, as he means some, you can choose, you can not, they did not ask for you, no one knife in your neck to force you to use 360, Forced you to use Taobao, I think they conquer the vast number of users of the absolute reason is not relying on Huyou, is pragmatic.

2. plagiarism is our enemy, the source, station 10 minutes is not difficult, the host is cheap, "production" website is very easy, I was asked to make a station recently reported a 3000 away, said a student 200 yuan all fix, I can only tell him, too black, no more than 100 pieces fix, what method, technology of this thing is really not worth the money, the idea is valuable, so only to understand the design of design talents design value, do not understand the people to design only worth a little money, I spent 500 dollars, who do I look good to who! What can you do? How can you >

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