Should quit my job as an editor for a medical website

I am a medical editor of the website, to work for two years, the industry has almost a year, because the website editor, so will focus on some aspects of the news website and SEO, was able to see Lu Songsong’s blog, feel on top of the content are more interesting. I have written this article when I see someone writing his story for you. I hope you can make some suggestions. If you can release, nature is the biggest inspiration for me. Thank you very much,


I am a very active person in Hunan, so I went to a university in Liaoning, Shenyang. The school was good and the 211 was the focus. After graduating in July 2011, a person came to Guangzhou to look for work. In addition to Hunan before the Changsha hadn’t been to any of a southern city, Guangzhou is also fully with the momentum. But after I came here, I found it was not so easy to find a job. What could school and educational background mean?

the most critical thing is that I study the administration of professional, this is very sad reminder, because from my own students’ way out, there are four main ways: go abroad – Test civil servants – into the bank – pubmed.

is the four road I didn’t choose, you can imagine that after I came to Guangzhou to start a mess, like many graduates as investment, administration, investment and investment such as sales assistant work.

had to say something about my personal background and my first job before I told you I was doing a medical website editing job.

‘s first job: game company operations assistant

but fortunately, I also play games, I can understand the game, and I can write something. So I went into a game company as an operation assistant. This job has something to do with the editor of the medical website I’m working on. Because when my boss interviewed me, I asked two questions: "can I play the game? Can I write anything? I agree.". Although my job is assistant operations, but there are still many things to do with the site editor, but also do marketing, marketing for the game to write the soft text, do some game activities planning.

this job plus a commission, I can get about 3500, in Guangzhou, Panyu consumption is lower, but still can. But every day, work more than 11 hours, every day evening, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m., this life from my entry until termination have not changed, more than half a year. In addition, one month off for four days, there is no holiday (because of the face of overseas users, but you what national day and other festivals). Then, looking at my hair, I decided to quit. Is it okay to quit this job,


second job: medical company copywriter planning

somehow I became an editor of a medical website. After two month of rest, is born rest, then find a job. At this time, a company called me, saying "do wide"

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