User research what users want to think about products at the user’s point of view


[editor] [author of this article] @ Zhu Junhua Ronzhu as the user wants what, rather than what they want, in this understanding, the front product is more difficult than the background products.

In the process of making

products, many individuals think of the legal principle, of course, into the development of the product. Many products have just started the starting point is very good, do, do become the product manager himself want to come out of the product, and did not really consider what the user is thinking.

the product demand is difficult to collect, copy others are mostly just to see a real performance, the real core of things is not copied, such as search algorithm, automatic recommendation of the core algorithm, but the real value of the algorithm is the


background products generally have no place to copy, more dependent on product managers’ analytical ability, but there is a strong user support, although these requirements generally need to be converted to achieve.

therefore, the final form of the product is based on the user’s real needs, and the real realization of the product is what the user really wants.

but we have been talking about the most is the product, which is the general public users can see the background, products generally only a small fraction of users can use to see, so often are ignored.

front desk products rely on the number of users to win, if the user does not want to achieve the function, it certainly can not attract users. The general product’s appeal to users and the motivation for user updates come from the following aspects:

The atmosphere created by


friends have, and so do i.. Friends are updated, I also want to update. Constant attention and attention…. Part of the user’s need for functionality comes from itself, partly from the environment.

products can create an atmosphere that affects the user’s frequency of use and increases the stickiness of the functionality itself to the user. Usability is a higher place than usability and usability.

a function, even if the design is simple and convenient, if the user does not have the demand, is tantamount to a waste of effort. Brand is also important, refused to drop the temptation, even if it is not so easy to use. Brand building from the psychological pursuit of the grasp of people, not only satisfied, but also surprise.

user psychology model

‘s grasp of user needs should not be confined to data alone. Often the data does not reflect the real needs of users, and the analysis of users comes from constant qualitative analysis.

always analyzes product availability by empathy, while looking for critical user interviews to look for deeper requirements from differences in results. User psychology model >

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