What are the most common usability mistakes you can make in web design

‘s high quality availability has been at the heart of the industry’s discussions over the past ten years because it’s becoming increasingly important to users. Good usability can also help build brand awareness, thereby enhancing the user’s appreciation of a website or a company. Today, there is still a great deal of concern about usability because the large and small companies have proved how important the good usability strategy is.

over the past few years, good usability has been at the heart of those successful start-ups. In most cases, simple ideas are the most creative. Usability refers primarily to making a function or product easy to use, but maintaining the quality of the product at a high level.

nowadays, many articles talk about universal significance. After years of discussion of the topic, it seems that web designers still find it hard to understand it. Usability is no longer a joke. These suggestions should be printed and glued to the wall across your table.

The color of the


I often find that when I browse a web page, some of the links on some pages are not highlighted in some form. This is the stupidest mistake I have ever seen. I would like to access those pages that use default blue pages instead of links and plain text in one color page. Users need to know how to navigate between pages, and where to click links. You can’t expect them to skim all the text of the mouse line to find the link, until the mouse arrow is turned into a little hand".


I fully understand that sometimes, for design reasons, links can’t be highlighted with some color, which makes them look too obtrusive. That’s perfectly understandable. But you can add text styles or dashed lines, and you just need to emphasize the link in one way or another.

The links visited by

should also be displayed in different ways to distinguish from the default link colors. This will help users know what they have already visited and determine where to go next. Some websites can make users confused, but let them know what they’ve already visited, which will definitely make them feel better about your website.

lousy typography,

when we talk about typography, it doesn’t mean we need a big title, or a beautiful piece of writing. When we consider ease of use, it’s not so important to see whether typography is good or not. It’s important how typography works to make our content easier to read.

‘s large array of closely spaced text will give the reader a headache, but it should not give the designer a headache. He just needs to simply increase the line height, segment, increase the text size, and change the font to make it easier to read.

in web design, how to match fonts and what colors to wake up visitors >!

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