Why did a four year old maintenance website achieve a perfect growth curve


editor’s note: can you believe that the above data came from a four year old site that was not maintained? 1532 days, to be exact. The growth curve of abnormal hue, although the data is not too much, but if you know any publicity and promotion, is enough to express his surprise, like a deserted garden quietly out of the beautiful flowers.

Ryan Detzel developed the site "Invoice Journal" in the four years ago, to facilitate the business customers to issue documents, but it looks more like a test of the project, he has no plans of commercial operation, so just quietly running on the server. But a phone call four years later recalled his memory of the forgotten project.

one day, I got a call on my way home from vacation. This is a number in New York, not in my address book. Usually I don’t answer such a phone call, but because my brother is in New York, I think one of his friends might have made a mistake, so I answered. On the other side of the phone was a very timid voice, and she asked very carefully, "Hello, it’s the Invoice Journal website."".

I hesitated, in the Invoice Journal line for 4 years, I have never received a phone call, a moment, say "I muttered in is" before millions of thoughts about all poured into my mind. "Well, that’s right. Can you tell me when the website will be restored? All my documents are in it. I can’t live without it."." She said. "I really need these documents. If you can’t recover the website, can you send me the documents in my system?"

well, that’s right. Can you tell me when the website will be restored? All my documents are in it. Without it, I can’t live.

well, at first I was a little hesitant, because I haven’t managed Invoice Journal for four years. I forgot it, left it behind my head and deleted it from my memory, but the soft voice let me know that although I forgot about it, she didn’t, in fact, her life depended on it. I’m surprised. Being found out of duty and unsure of what was the cause of the site strike, I told her I was driving, but I would check it right after I got home so that the site would be restored so that she could use it. The call was over, and for the next 2 hours, Invoice Journal kept jumping in my head.

Invoice Journal is a website that I’m doing when I’m free, and it fills me with the time I commute to work on the subway every day. I have two hours of free time on the subway every day, so I don’t want to do anything. I can use it myself

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