Enterprise WeChat operating diary Series 1 don’t be obsessed don’t fantasize

(text / Huang Jialang)

two days ago, in his circle of friends that his operating company, WeChat grew ten thousand in March, fans, many friends let me share the method, so decided to simply use the diary to share and exchange. A conversation, have seen SEO the God of ZAC and her wife she said: you put these skills are not afraid to tell others, others learn to take your place? He replied: for most people, not really going to practice. The following figure is the cumulative data, because the cumulative data will be different, I see the amount of growth, this is based on the daily report to sort out. If you do not believe that the cumulative data will be different, I will count every day.



enterprise WeChat operation is the same reason, the same method, someone saw, just see, and some can slowly try to transform into a suitable method. If you feel well written, try immediately; if you don’t have a good place, choose to ignore

I think the beginning come straight to the point, is not good, so the first universal WeChat operation in the misunderstanding and nothingness worship things. The worship of WeChat platform day into ten thousand subscribers, surprised WeChat platform millions of fans of large, heard the WeChat platform is the universal speech, read the threat of WeChat and so on, and for this, can only say that you know.

legend: WeChat is increasing by thousands of

from the birth of WeChat platform marketing, there has been a small increase of thousands of WeChat, but earlier, but to the present, gain thousands is only a legend, with tens of thousands more. And as far as I know, there are still a small number of WeChat platforms that are literally increasing thousands or more, but their data is not comparable. Such as cold jokes daily, tens of thousands, with the enterprise platform daily, hundreds of effect is the same, enterprise WeChat platform operating data to be accurate.

as an enterprise WeChat operating platform, subscribers can be slightly divided into several data thresholds: 100, 500, 1000, and 2000… . A start from zero operation of WeChat platform, one hundred the number of subscribers is a high threshold, but there are still a lot of still hovering around one hundred and ten, I am also very puzzling, because as long as the company pays attention to mobilize the whole micro signal, easily one hundred people, although not accurate.

five hundred the amount of data is the basic data of WeChat platform authentication, and as a corporate WeChat account, certification is an inevitable choice, of course I like operators WeChat something special is another theory, from the official took over, apply through many channels, or mail applications still cannot make certification that is the special account name of the lead, but does not affect the overall operation. (pictured below)



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