How can the small station survive the winter of 2009

first of all, we should admit that the economic crisis is so great that all industries have an impact. Including our website, here I do not speak the truth, that those companies that have the strength to get through this is relatively easy, but for some companies or individuals suspended in midair, still a little pressure.

IDC company is facing pressure first, cost enhancement, service increase and price drop all need to be overcome. This affects the development of our small station (Description: I said the small station is more than 100IP, 3000IP below the station) why do you say that we are relying on the small station IDC space as a habitat?. If IDC is unstable, our small station will be implicated too, so the first thing to say is the base of our website: the choice of space. I personally think that in such a situation, the more to the choice of IDC company to buy space, do not think that I will not like the economy, or buy almost small company IDC, actually do is give yourself trouble, once the space problem, you must first solve the problem, so I put this in the first place, I think we should agree that several IDC (recommended here is to help them under AD: ADMIN5 space, Lanbing Internet space). Recommended reason: stability, a brand, responsible for the webmaster!


then we should be aware that, for IP station, it is difficult to obtain income, for example my site on IP between 1000-2000, but a month income is very limited, if full-time do, that is to starve to death. Therefore, for our small station, the biggest hope of the winter season should not be profitable, but should be survived. This point I think we don’t quite agree with it, a friend will say, no money how to live ah, ha ha, I would like to ask you, how much do a station a year cost about it, is nothing more than hundreds of thousands a year? Even if you can not afford this fee, the just quit the ranks of owners. I’ve never seen a 100 year 1W site for a year’s worth of money. So, please change your mind, let the station survive, don’t want to gain every day!


is said to me again, live, have a way of living.

many webmaster would say, no money to live, I know you, this type is not meant to survive, live moisten the meaning, if you want to rely on a IP station to let you have hundreds of moisture, unless you are a genius (of course, many do the master except E here, I will speak in Chinese, ha ha). Do the station are no capital personal station, lack of systematic training, including the promotion of learning, a short period of time to make your site profitable, or very difficult, according to my experience, this station, if the station is Chinese, industry revenue barely should go to, if is the entertainment or other aspects, the income is quite low. Therefore, the results obtained >

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