Enterprise profit science and technology do website in fact do market

today we explore the theme of "website is to do the market" for small and medium enterprises, the website can not only make money, more important is to stabilize the market, expand market share, let my sales rise persistent.

I don’t know. What do you think is the core of building a website?

, some people think it’s "building a marketing site,"

, some people think, "a clear positioning" is needed,

and others think, "we need a perfect marketing plan,"

even has the idea that "you need to have a super combat team,"

actually, what you say is very important for a website. In the view of theory, a small business website to long-term development, the first is to analyze the industry, market share is about how much? (the most terrible thing is I don’t know where is the market) if I set up a website, how much I can get much cost. The returns are not clear, then don’t go to the market network. According to reports, China’s Internet users has exceeded 400 million people, such a huge market, so the industry, in which a network of how much market share, waiting for me to dig, yet to be verified.

we SMEs need to understand that: "making money sites is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that competitors have a large share of the market."."

according to our market survey over the years, ninety percent of the enterprise site, do not know why the website to make money, that is the post, do website optimization, website will be able to stay profitable. This is a very wrong, why do you say so, because if it can make money, as long as the competitors to do the same thing with you, a little more than you a little effort, you will be able to go beyond that, it is not easy to do.

next, let’s see how SMEs should pick the market and make an area of ownership before they can build a web site. How to achieve incremental site, which is every web site director of operations in planning the next year’s marketing plan to think hard question.

in all sectors of the general profit operation today, simply by increasing advertising resources to achieve market growth, most enterprises are difficult to do. Step back, even with advertising resources, this epitaxial growth mode is still a huge risk, often incremental no increase profits, and even a huge loss, the enterprises dragged into the quagmire,

is trying to get ahead of its rivals by increasing execution, which is what most web site directors are easy to think of, but difficult to do. In the marketing homogenization situation, improve the execution of the marketing team can get incremental sales to a certain extent (part of the reason for this is the recent "execution" of the term popular), but the premise is the market strategy and accurate >

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