How to register a good domain name according to the actual situation

in the Internet world the famous large single from the domain name, domain name spelling, in fact, are not very good.

For example:, I always think impassability, the Internet has just started in 90s, Yang Zhiyuan registered a is not a word is not very simple and easy to remember domain name? You know, whether it is yaho, Yahu, yea, and so on are significantly better than yahoo. If Google is because the debut too late, can not find a good domain name, then Yahoo is deliberately looking for a long and difficult to remember the domain name. But no matter how to say Yahoo is the first station at present. So, whether you are Yahoo or Google, word memory, short in their powerful website content and function before, doesn’t matter.

if you’re confident that you won’t be able to create second Yahoo or Google, then the quality of an ordinary domain name usually depends on the following factors:

according to your own circumstances, analysis of your website is to do what market:

1: age

baby products (domain name not longer than 5): best digital, because from the first digital baby, then can take pinyin.

middle-aged people: the best is Pinyin based, because a lot of people are accustomed to using pinyin.

old man: it’s better to have numbers, because they don’t want to remember anything.

student: it’s best to learn English, everyone knows little, so take a common English word.

2: gender

women: fashion personality generally like to use pinyin. Such as clothes, bags and other products, it is best to take the popular slogan.

man: I don’t know much about it.

3: regionalization

if your site is region based: it’s better to use pinyin or area codes because you all know the name and area code of the area.

4: industry

if you’re doing websites that are popular in the industry, the best thing to do is to use popular English, and Pinyin as domain names.

fifth: domain name selection: the same, according to input fingering habits to take domain names.

1: people who play games like a few fingers;

2: will be full Pinyin, generally single handedly operating the keyboard;

3: five pens, usually all keyboard habits, if the bank, accounting class sites, it is best to take digital, because they play every day digital;

4: usually the middle finger and the ten finger are often busy, so you should take the domain name and mother to analyze;

sixth: the domain name is best to start with a number and letters that are either a or 1, or start with Z or 9. This can be >

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