Comment on seoke org’s comments to some friends

this morning, my friend asked me to read an article,

respond below

, the first member I know, last night I QQ always asked me to help him, because I am in training, so I have no time to say, the first security charge the interests of members, that he sent to the forum, I have time to help him, how I like how he has been say and ask me what is my identity, I wouldn’t say, he just scold me, the people I don’t tube, also do not want to ignore him, and I’m not all services, we will also provide SEO free advice for the owners, but in order to guarantee the rights and interests of member fees, first answer membership fees issue.

second, as for my company, I can responsibly tell you that t-v-b even I had no one to buy, all with their own personal connections and the popularity of the exchange, I also know that the students, from beginning to end, I don’t recommend any students to buy connection.

third, the people who claim to have a lot of traffic station, or your station flow is very large, but it doesn’t prove that your SEO technology is very good, moreover, from beginning to end, this man has released its own station

fourth, who called me SEO technique is very common, then I tell you, SEO is supposed to promote natural optimization, many of the details to determine the final result, you think the accumulation of keywords is SEO technology, if you see it, you can also start teaching, what my level I training students I can prove that

fifth, my station is new, yes, but it doesn’t mean can’t enroll students. The case is here.

sixth, you said my station is because it can be long row up, then I want to ask you, do stand long, many people, why they did not row up?.

the station after its establishment, there have been some friends because they wanted to get my reply in time, but do not want to go to the forum for the huff everywhere to discredit the reputation of the station, I want to tell you that power is here, we can see, by the way, due to the transfer station the server will stop taking t-v-b for a few hours, causing Baiduspider to climb over, the space’s home page, traffic has dropped slightly, but the related keywords still tough to row in the baidu front, in fact, there are some things that you see is.

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