was last year that grassroots a webmaster experience

is the last year that I root, yes, last year, just graduated from school, no job, lazy at home every day, in addition to the Internet or the Internet, the game is the forum, is that one day, I began to think, what to do, yes, I want to do what? "/p>

University of clothing design, clothing design, sound how FISHION professional, I was a boy, do not eat every day hanging around the neck of the tape, with a pair of scissors in the name of the cloth back up. So my sophomore started to give up their professional, to self-study website design, and design, but this is my interest, my own, very quickly over the past 2 years, I learned how to build and maintain a simple, high school art painting basis, will be PS, then do the first one your station, now I know, that time can not call site, just a few pages connected, no background, that time may also do not know what the background.

I want to do some of the above, smoke out, I choose to do a web site, not that I have ideas, but in addition to site, I can not think of what can do. I want to do what kind of a website, I love art, good at drawing, then make your own personal homepage? Personal homepage? The meal how come? No, to be able to make money, e-commerce? Well, this money, but what is selling, thinking for hours. Finally, there is no way to get everyone has, everyone will picture station, pictures in addition to a bit of pornographic MM, but also collect some 3D animation data map, foreigners do 3D, really is not the general cowhide. This time with the background, convenient ah, directory would like to change, the content wants to change for, webmaster, I’m a webmaster, and really bring back the site ah.

glad to have 3 days for so long, all in their own look, send a few friends, there are some good play group, is that one person, in a word, I fell to the bottom, a man said, what did you do that? Yes, I do this for what? There is a background site? That I should have a website to look for a job, why do people have the website do not work, you can earn a BMW buy breakfast in addition ah, I stand where the value, in fact no value.

is looking for, see the article, look at the experience, more and more exciting, but more thinking more frustrated, it has been 3 months, what I didn’t do it, great pressure, finally I chose the electronic commerce, what I did not sell it, then I can help the person. For those who have a bottom line to sell, sell a platform for the exchange of ah, this is I now understand, that is blind, made a very simple navigation from easy purchase supply network navigation, let online local publicity do wholesale, let the baby have to sell online the local purchase, then the propaganda is necessary, because I think some people need, even when the statistics are not, no one is to know gratitude, I sent many people, "

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