Fuzhou decoration company website was attacked processing methods


decoration company http://s.www.wlzscl.com/ yesterday after the attack was ranked no military treatment, has now recovered some ranking, the decoration company in Fuzhou in 10!!!

the so-called website is hacked, that is, the website has been attacked by hacker, then how to deal with the website after being hacked? And listen to the little knitting slowly for you.

sites are hacked into the following categories:

one, the website is hanged black chain

open your site, right-click on the source code, and find links to other sites (except for links) that indicate that your site is hacked.

detection method: in the webmaster platform for testing,

two, the website was uploaded black file

sometimes occasionally found their own websites more out of the unknown file, but also not to upload their own, then congratulations, your website was hacked, the root directory and the file does not necessarily appear in the website.

test method:

1, open your web site’s robots file, check the robots file allows the folder to be grabbed (Allow is allowed to grab), whether it is set by yourself.

Is there a black chain for

2 and sitemap http://s.www.wlzscl.com/sitemap.xml (sitemap map)?.

3, Site the domain name of your website to see if it is the content of your website.

three, website snapshot hijacked

inquires when included, found that Baidu included is other web content, this shows that your Baidu snapshot was hijacked.

check method: in search engine site:tppx.517jkw.org/ your website, find the content that is not your website.

four, the site was traffic attack

when you find a sudden increase in website traffic, resulting in Web site can not be opened, indicating that your site was traffic attack.

for the above black case, the first three can use the following method:

finds the appropriate location, removes links or code from other sites, and modifies the site’s background and FTP passwords and accounts.

in fourth cases, you can use the method of increasing the website traffic or changing the website space.

said here, Xiao Bian would like to ask, "is the site only hacked to find the appropriate remedial measures?" of course not, we can make a rainy day.

site prevention by black

1, regularly modify the website background and FTP password.

2, root >

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