Do stand a month to earn 800 and the webmaster talk about four things do

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book, added to the webmaster ranks it for a long time, also wrote some articles and we exchange, I can be called soft, soft see effect, only I know, writing is not much, only a dozen, but did not give your site traffic bring much change, I do not know is my limited ability or soft effect indeed, then tell the new Adsense, don’t depend too much on the soft soft, don’t have much hope! You need to specific promotional planning efforts to do the best, I believe that only the execution can make a a website developed! Good crap, four things and talk about my recent webmaster! Right when AC


I do the first thing: by selling domain names, selling links, selling source code, making small money,

recently in adhere to the management and update of 38PC network at the same time, I also did a lot of things to sell, sell, sell the domain name link source busy awfully, also have an income of $one thousand a month, excluding to domain names into money, net profit of 800 yuan, although the money is too small, can not compared with the old owners, but after all, is a little busy I this 1 months to return, I am very satisfied, I even have a special low operating target, it is stable to earn 300 yuan per month on the line, it is a tobacco money, oh, if I press this first a month income, I obviously exceeded the target, but I know I can’t earn each month! After all my website has not grown up, my road has not been extended, my online relationship is not so wide, so, I still looking for specific ways to look at this website money, I earn 800 yuan from what you know (sell, sell, sell the source code links the domain name and website operation) these can be said to have no relations, so it is not up to my request! My request is that the website maturity model: do not need any publicity or hard move, every month can also stabilize revenue 300 yuan (ha ha, you can say I’m lazy ^_^) so, it also stimulated me for my own money mode, this is what I want to do second things


I do second things: look for my own money making model,

consider their own circumstances, I think I’m not too suitable for web site operators, because I was not the biggest drawbacks, promotion website, website traffic will not do as many webmaster posted it on IP, thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands! I faint! Give me some fraction is enough for my beauty sleep don’t sleep! (if there are any promotion master willing to help can contact me, so I fit indebted forever!) is the so-called "change hands" hand "is their own website, not operation, do after operation for a period of time, for Baidu, Google included, PR rose to about 1, it can be the sale, which is also regarded as a profitable way, because it can avoid my weaknesses and can be extended, changed the site with my website strengths!"

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