t is difficult to choose to continue T trip or find another occupation

, a web developer, a moonlight clan, purple tea, too.

Ji’nan is a programmer, a web programmer, that is the development, in fact, the old Amoy from the Internet website source code, and then change, to live is set up on the line, it will just work, I think we should do is follow the prescribed order from requirement analysis, software development the test work, only to find that only the first step, the template set on the line, studying in the College of software engineering, so lost.

just graduated, to tell the truth, in the university did not learn how many things, that is, a little understanding of ASP, asp.net, php+mysql, and then desperately looking for work in this area, good

was also in phase, and then left, this is a network marketing company, to the later, I found that the old employees do soon a, how so fast, "the secret is set with the template, website source code is not original, since I also like this, no other way, followed by learning it, and has now become a set of templates of people.

graduated from 2008-7-1 to now has more than six months, and other will not, the set of Web sites soon, and soon, I can not believe, I did not have two days to complete a website. Our company division is relatively clear, art finished map and cut them, layout, and then handed over to us, when I arrived, the speed is very busy, accumulated a lot of list, forcing me to work overtime, I am up to a month in general work overtime in the evening time, directly back in the company, quite on the two day of work, only to rest under the middle.

finally found a reason to do, although the program has not exposed to the weather, but let the brain over thinking, a loop, can jump out, if you love it,

is not love, it was tragic, but I only just a few months, mechanical repetitive work, so I didn’t what great progress, sometimes forget things, this is bad, just remember a moment, think again, just think what, you don’t remember it, ha ha.

went to Xuzhou, to participate in the webmaster, see Figure Wang and Cai Wensheng’s achievements, and I want to do a profitable station, but I don’t know what to do, a little, don’t know how to use the technology to the actual big trouble, oh

will soon have the Spring Festival, suddenly found empty pockets, moonlight, only feel ashamed. Come home, this concept is very heavy,


IT continues to tour or find another occupation, it is difficult to choose, if you will go, and what other industries, but the current work and what do chicken ribs, give you sorrow nothing but a scholar actually IT, migrant workers.

did not want to, or to revel in their own web games entertainment (http://s.www.wwdl.cn/2009/) >

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