How far can you travel from the media blog

this time, many netizens have bought me the template of my blog and want to do it from the media blog. What’s more, I’ve found so many strange media names since this time. People from all walks of life are turning to media blogs. In fact, I really want to ask, how far can you travel from the media blog?


recently since the word media is fire, however, since the media blog has been our webmaster love talk, for the other QQ space from the media, since the media such as micro-blog aside. After all, we talk about what we care about and what we care about.

from the media blog had called personal blog, also called independent blog, I also did not know, do not love to write a blog, who also feel nothing to write a blog, do not go faster than the day, also write what to write. It can be said that before, we only knew how to make money on the Internet and didn’t want to write anything at all.

I remember in 2013, when Lu Songsong blog was the hottest year. Many people see loose brother’s blog forced, and some people have estimated loose elder brother’s blog, a month can earn more than 10000 dollars. So there are thousands of blogs from there, and I don’t know when I changed my name from the media blog.

, like everyone else, I set up my own Shao Lianhu blog in 2013, and, like everyone else’s fantasy, I hope my blog can be as profitable as my brother’s blog. However, more than a year has passed, I still insist on writing a blog, also from the media blog founded by Shao Lianhu blog VIP members to earn money. I was lucky to find my own blogging profit model.

tens of thousands of blogs can be said, and now there are few people who actually write blogs, and even if a lot of them are written, I can’t count a few. Why, why we are also from the media blog, we also have to write original articles, the final result is not the same? We don’t pay enough, we is not hard enough, but we may take the wrong way.

what is the media of purpose? I believe everyone the ultimate aim is to make money, there are people from the media to be famous, some people in order to practice their writing skills, some in order to promote their own business. But how do you get all this? Write an original article, go to a big website, contribute, advertise, and then succeed,

yes, you may have a lot of dry goods and lots of valuable things to share. You may be able to write a lot of valuable articles. But, you insist on a month, a year, you may not adhere to three years, five years. No matter what you do, it pays to be willing to do it. However, you find that if you persist for years without getting anything, you will want to give up.

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