Talking about product design and promotion from rhubarb duck fever

September 3, 2013, the duck appeared in Beijing Garden Expo, I saw the giant duck in September 8th. The day is cloudy, but rhubarb duck is still very bright, as follows:


Beijing rhubarb duck

duck is now a very hot works of art, but today talk about art, the author from the perspective of product design and promotion to talk about the reason for the success of the duck, of course this is just the statements of a school:

1. products, service people as much as possible.

has heard the phrase "it’s easier to make money for women and children.". Relatively, children and women may prefer this rhubarb duck. But many men, many older people, may also have nostalgic feelings. Everyone is young. In this case, this product serves the majority of the population. The actual product selection and product design can meet the possibility of such a wide range of people is very small, but we should try to work in this direction.

2. products should have good originality and innovation.

rhubarb duck is very large. It is said that the largest one is 26× 20× 32 meters. It’s an imaginative daring to make a duck so big, Holland artist Hofman is very innovative because of ·, Hoffman (Florentijn). In addition, the duck does not have yellow skin and black skin respectively, so that it can be popularized all over the world. Rhubarb duck is made of rubber, this looks at no particular place, in fact, is also a big innovation, put rhubarb duck inside the gas, rubber easy to move. If, like other city sculptures, there would be no such global activity as today.

Positive energy is embodied in

3. products.

duck looks not very perfect, absolutely is not a princess, but the duck lovely, honest, sincere, giving a cordial sense of credibility. As for · flo luentai; Hoffman said, the duck symbolizes joy and happiness, he hopes that it can make the whole world feel connected together, the same joy, happiness and friendship with Beijing. If we are doing a commercial product selection, it is best to choose some legitimate, but also create a lot of social value of things. In the long run, such products will have plenty of room to do in the future.

4. products have stories.

for his own creation, Hoffman talked about an incident in 1992 of a Chinese delivery ship carrying a yellow duck bathtub toy, and of course it was more like a fairy tale. There’s nothing to say about it. The sesame pie on the street has to make up a story. The key point is to perfect the story, and then help us do a good job in product promotion.

5. products to be difficult to create.

any product design that wants to succeed

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