Mou Changqing please take a rational approach to online marketing training

with the advent and popularity of the Internet age, often can see media reports, someone through the Internet overnight, or so certain Internet Co 80 young CEO has billions of dollars worth. Many people think that the Internet is a shortcut to get rich fast, so the ensuing fire network marketing training market, many network marketing training institutions have mushroomed, rapid emergence.

now has a very large number of large network marketing training institutions in China, with training hours in days, months, months, and 1 months. A form of training for the network remotely, also have a face-to-face approach. Prices range from hundreds, thousands, or even W yuan. There are well-known industry engaged in training institutions, there are also some so-called "industry celebrities" engaged in training institutions. But really reliable, not Huyou people training institutions, how many?. Some training institutions, training time is not a few days, but still thousands of dollars in training fees, in such a short period of time, really can learn and master a good marketing tool?


this afternoon, listening to "voice of the stationmaster" recording, I heard the anchor Kaka mentioned online marketing training, talking about some unreliable training institutions. Among them, mentioned a Wang XX, suddenly appeared in two years, training and lectures everywhere, the age of this person is not big, but also in 08 years out of a marketing book, said he studied 8 years of e-commerce. But how long has China’s e-commerce come out? Take the anchor Kaka’s words, it is not reliable, it is a big flicker. Later, I Baidu, and found that many people say that is a liar.

some training institutions advertising play very unreasonable, which make the network literacy in a few days into Wangzhuan master. And only a few days training, you have to collect thousands of dollars tuition. Said that as long as participated in the training, you can earn 1 million a year through the network, X earned 10 million. But is that possible? With so much experience and training, you can easily earn 1 million on your own. Often do such advertising, are some so-called "well-known marketing experts."". Truly formal training institutions will not be so exaggerated.

can often see such sudden emergence of marketing training lecturers on the Internet, there is no practical experience and representative cases. A book, and then put their own packaging, hang a lot of head, began to engage in training. In fact, the industry experienced people, a look, I do not know the fly. But a lot of people believe it. May be the China population base is too big, too much money to a person. Like some of the tricks that are on television, though it’s very corny and often reminds on TV, there are always people who get cheated.

personally, I think online marketing training, if it is directed at traditional enterprise training, enterprises pay to allow employees to accept the concept of network marketing, universal knowledge, or can. If you are an individual, you want to study online marketing, make money, or get a job. Spend a few thousand dollars, go to a few days, it is not necessary. First of all, there won’t be any

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