Owners of the XuSanDuo must be GJJ

Gjj is behind the times, in the domestic webmaster circle is also a celebrity, ha ha, we all know.

he worked as a fitter, put off stall, he used to own website and malignancy"…… He has a lot of stories circulated among the stationmaster; he has not received higher education; he is a "grass root"; he uses his actions to prove to people that the truth is that everyone can be a hero on the internet.

impression: last September and GF to GJJ, he has been closed for a long time, do new at home. Now I was in close, the beard is long long, cool, estimate the beard Mingzhi, ha ha.

at that time, his family had several computers working in his bedroom, and his wife helped him input huge amounts of data. He wrote the program. The computer does not shut down for 24 hours. "Often wake up at night,

," gJj said

suddenly came to see if the program was working properly." And he’s basically self-taught. (ha ha, admire!). From then on, I decided to teach myself php. ) the new station of gJj is and

Chinese, about the day he heard so many ancient Chinese culture related knowledge, very surprised, I did not expect him in this period of time, access to a lot of information, now

gJj should have a deep study of Chinese history, history, sub collection and so on. (now, it’s hard for you to put him on the street with him. When he’s a child, he’s connected to the current gJj,

, but only a little, the simplicity and kindness of gJj will not change because of fame and promotion.)

impression two: last December, Liu Junlai, vice president of Google Academy of engineering, Chongqing University, met gJj and had a longer beard, ha ha. At that time, his new station is still under development. In the lecture, Liu Jun, deputy hospital,

mentioned the word "Xixia" (a character that seems to be Chinese, but you do not know it because you don’t know it). GJj immediately from his UMPC (ultra small mobile personal electric

brain, brought up a lot of "Xixia Wen" pictures and related information… Can be seen and know, gJj for the development of new sites, knowledge extends to what extent… And those Xixia

material, I haven’t searched on the internet yet…

impression three: gJj for the integrity of the data, a lot of things are original. "I told my wife to put all Chinese textbooks from elementary school to college into the computer," gJj said." A pile of Chinese books,

all the time

is very hard to input data, Guo Sao very humorous to a sentence, "then you should find a few wives ah" (do not know this is not leaked confidential, gJj don’t scold me, ha ha) perhaps from this

a little bit, you can see how much gJj has spent, and the new site

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