Put Ali mom advertising after Baidu drop right how to deal with

network has always been a legend: Ali mother since and Baidu carried, Baidu put alimama advertising sites are not like, and even give down power. Sounds like a cheap Baidu. It doesn’t seem like what a big Baidu company can do. So I never believed it.

when my new station IP do 1000 or so, greed, I was lucky to hang on Ali mother’s advertising, but also text advertising. April 11th morning put, and my main keywords in Baidu has been ranked second, although "hundred Forum Download" the word is not very popular, probably about 800 of the ip. Noon did not access the Internet, 6 in the afternoon to check, the first 10 pages incredibly did not stand the shadow of my station, but included are very normal (even in the next few days, snapshots are also very fast, included is steadily increasing). Surprised, I immediately realized that it was alimama’s fault and the first time I had to take it away. But IP was only 200 on that day. Over the next few days, I worked harder to update the content and change the title of the website (minor changes). 3 days later, my home with WWW still in the first 10 pages are not accidental, but is not with the WWW hotvs.cn home page in the same "Lecture Room download" keyword ranking to the first page, but only to sixth.

this is very worthy of our consideration, because consent is a home, why Baidu is only for application of the mom www.hotvs.cn is down right, but not www not be down right? So I completely believe the "Ali mother threat" as can be imagined IP every day dropped, as now not to 1000IP, but because of Web site to do even the adjustment of the number of PV very satisfied, that is to enhance the user viscosity. This is very gratifying. From the first point was down right, although not reach the IP number before, but almost every day in the increase of about 100IP, although the top of the relevant keywords ranking did not upgrade, but also listen to relief.

may continue to develop, I will not care about keywords ranking, and concentrate on content, but still want to warn you carefully use Ali mother advertising. If the misfortune has been dropped, ignore him and continue to do what you share. One day you can succeed,


interested friends can go to my forum to look at a hundred stations, the following statistical information, you can look at these days of statistical information, I hope it can be useful to you.

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